Telepathic Download
Power Information

Transfer of one's consciousness into another's body






Telepathic Downloading is a Mental Power that enables any known telepaths to transfer their own consciousness into another person's body. The power can work with both living people and those who have recently died.

Other NamesEdit

  • Mental Transferal
  • Telepathic Possession

Associations & ApplicationsEdit

  • Possession: A power that telepathic download is associated with and applied to is the power to take over one's physical body.
  • Immortality: A definite application for the ability of telepathic download makes one effectively immortal so long as they can transfer their conscious into another body before death.
  • Telepathy: The power of telepathic download has definitely been associated with the power of telepathy due to the fact that telepathy can apply this power.

Known UsersEdit

  • Isabella Wyatt: A powerful witch who was burned at the stake utilized her telepathic powers in order to transfer her consciousness within her husband's mind before her inevitable death. He would later be taught by her mentally how to transfer her consciousness into another body. This in turn allowed her to become reborn within another body.


  • The transferal may need to be completed before the destruction of their physical body.
  • May require a telepathic link in order to start transferal.
  • May require intense concentration for it to work.