Superhuman Durability
Power Information

Ability to have a tough body structure at superhuman levels


Constantly Active




Superhuman Durability is a Physical Power that enables one to have a tough physical form at superhuman levels. This means that they can take much more of a beating than those with Enhanced Human Durability.

Associations & ApplicationsEdit

  • Invulnerability: A very widely associated power that superhuman durability has been closely associated with is the power of invulnerability. The only difference is that invulnerability makes one virtually immune to any attack.
  • Enhanced Human Durability: A major association and application for superhuman durability is it's less powerful form of enhanced human durability.


  • Although superhuman durability is extremely and closely associated with invulnerability, it is quite the contrary less powerful than invulnerability.
  • It may only be limited to physical attacks.

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