Maximilian Wyatt
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September 17th, 1422





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Family information
Family members
  • Isabella Wyatt (Wife)
  • Roderick Halliwell (Son)
  • Katherine Halliwell (Daughter)
  • Leo Wyatt (Brother)
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    "You forced me to watch Isabella die a few months ago, and she was pregnant before she died. You killed both mother and child, at once! You dear say to me that the wife whom I loved so dearly to my heart didn't love me?!"
    —Max explodes after Leo says that Isabella never loved him.[src]

    Maximilian Wyatt is the name of a male Demon. He is the husband of Isabella Wyatt and the father of Roderick and Katherine as well as the adoptive father of Isabel and his niece, Elizabeth.


    Birth DateEdit

    Maximilian was born on September 17th, 1422. The son of an English knight, he was trained to become a soldier in the war.


    Max married Isabella on May 23, 1440. To Isabella's eyes, he was the most handsome man of England. On their wedding night, she confessed that she had fallen in love with him and wanted to have a family with him. A few months later, his mother-in-law outed Isabella as a witch and sentenced her to burn at the stake, leaving him unconsolable as he watched her die. Wearing black robes, Max didn't come out of the castle for months.

    It wasn't until a couple months after Isabella's death that Max felt she was with him. He then heard her voice in his head, believing he was going mad. It later was revealed to him that Isabella had telepathically downloaded her consciousness within his mind and that only her physical form was destroyed. Max happy to hear his beloved was alive, was then instructed by her to find a body so she could come back in the physical world. Max then found a suitable body, who in this case was a local prostitute named Paige Matthews. Offering a hefty sum for her services. Paige accompanied him and his wife killed her.

    Max channeled Isabella's consciousness to the newly vacant body where she awoke instantly. After regaining back who was taken from him, Leo Wyatt attacked him in an attempt to possess him, however found himself unable to possess him. Isabella attacked Leo with her magic and knocked him unconscious, enough time for them to escape back to Halliwell Castle. Once home, the couple headed up to the bedroom and the two began making love.

    The King is Dead! Long Live the King!Edit

    By the year 1483, Max and Isabella were within the castle of King Edward and Queen Elizabeth. The king died of a strange disease and Max found that he could take the crown if he acted like his identical twin brother due to having prior knowledge of the predecessor. Successfully, Max convinced them and with the mercy killing of Elizabeth, Isabella took the former queen's physical form and Max took over as the new king.

    Royal DutiesEdit

    After Edward died, Max was grief-stricken, but agreed to raise his niece as his own daughter. He later named his son Prince of Wales.