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    Isabella Wyatt is Maximilian's wife and the mother of their only son, Roderick. After a happy year of marriage, Isabella was accused of witchcraft (due to really being a witch) and condemned to burn at the stake. In 1440, she was reborn in a new and younger body, and having her only son, Roderick.



    On May 23, 1440, Isabella married Maximilian Wyatt. On their wedding night, she confessed to him that he was the most handsome of all the men in England.


    No one never knew that Isabella was a witch for years, until she married. Shortly after her wedding, her mother sent a spy to watch her, and she was caught casting a spell and was arrested.


    Before her death, Isabella transferred her mind and consciousness into her husband's brain. This in turn allowed her to speak to her husband telepathically and explained to him how he would gain her back. He hired the help of a local prostitute and ended up killing the prostitute's mind before taking over her body. Upon waking up in her new body, Leo Wyatt arrived and tried possessing Max. He failed to possess him and Isabella knocked him unconscious with her magic before they left to the Halliwell Castle. Once home from their ordeal and with her husband once more, Isabella gave herself to Max and the two made love.

    Roderick's BirthEdit

    After coming back from the dead and making love to her husband inhabiting her new body, Isabella became pregnant. It was later on that she gave birth to their son whom they named Roderick.

    Long Live the Queen!Edit

    By 1483, Isabella and Max headed for England where they met Max's brother who was the king. Infected with a disease in his lungs, Isabella cured Edward by turning him into a demon as well and even turned their traitor brother George into a ghoul. She even made Elizabeth a demon as well and ascended the thrown as queen alongside Max.

    Powers & AbilitiesEdit

    • Immortality: After coming back from the dead, Isabella gained the power to be ageless and virtually immune to death.
    • Telepathy: A power that Isabella has clearly demonstrated is the ability to enter the mind of one or more people.
      • Telepathic Download: A power that is granted to her by her telepathic capabilities is her ability to upload and download her consciousness and mind within another's and either remain dormant or even active. Such a power also enables her to enter the body of a person and have permanent dominion over it.
    • Telekinesis: Isabella has the ability to manipulate other objects with her mind easily.
    • Pyrokinesis: Isabella also has the ability to generate and manipulate fire with her mind as well.
    • Shapeshifting: A power that Isabella would later demonstrate is her ability to change into another person physically and at will.