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Edward of York was the King of England from 1461 to 1483 and the current Duke of York. He is married to Elizabeth Woodvile and is the father to Little Elizabeth.



One of the 4 heirs to the Duke of York, Edward ascended to the throne, despite being the second son. His brother Maximilian on the other hand was living elsewhere when Edward was growing up. He was later betrayed by his brother George who was imprisoned for treason.

Diseased & CuredEdit

By 1483, Edward succumbed to a disease that infected his lungs and therefore left him bed ridden. Hopeless to be cured, Edward would later get a visit from his brother Max who was being raised in another part of England. Being told that Max was a demon, Edward asked for his help and Max sent for Isabella.

She gave Edward a potion that he had to drink and therefore not only cured him, but also made him a demon. Reginald was then sent with the news of her husband's recovery. Once she went to see her husband, they sent for George whom Isabella turned into a rotting Ghoul and therefore left him in the service of Edward. Because Edward became immortal, Isabella also made Elizabeth immortal as well and cast a spell so that they are more in love with each other.

Meeting RoderickEdit