Decelerated Aging
Power Information

Age slower than normal






Decelerated Aging is a Physical Power that enables one to age slower than that of their species' normal aging speed. It works two ways and the first way consists of a normal lifespan, but a much more slower rate of aging, in other words being old chronologically yet not look it. The other way is to have a younger appearance with the use of an extended lifespan.


  • Superhuman Speed: The ability to move faster than anyone or anything allows one to age much slower despite being faster. This is also caused by their Accelerated Healing factor.
  • Longevity: Decelerated Aging is also associated with the ability to live a much longer lifespan, even if one is not superhuman fast.
  • Semi-Immortality/Immortality: Decelerated Aging is also associated with the power of Immortality and Semi-Immortality because of an undefined lifespan that those who possess it have.